Evolution Football Club

 About Evolution FC

Evolution FC is a competitive travel soccer program for youth players.  Our teams play year round, both indoor and outdoor, against other travel teams in or near the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, and they also participate in local tournaments.   Evolution FC teams are formed through a competitive tryout process, and players will be expected to make certain commitments to their coaches, their team, and themselves if they are selected for one of our teams.  


 Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles


The Mission of Evolution FC is to develop successful, well-rounded individuals who exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical and moral behavior, and good citizenship; both on and off the soccer field.

Through the game of soccer, we teach the core values and guiding principles necessary to promote ethical, responsible, and well-reasoned life decisions.

We promote sportsmanship by winning with humility, accepting criticism with poise, learning from our mistakes, and growing from our failures while fostering an environment that allows players to reach their full potential and love for the game of soccer.


Our vision at Evolution FC is three-fold:

  1. Recognition - To be recognized as one of the top youth soccer programs in Maryland; constantly improving the proper balance of development AND competition at all times.
  2. Development - To consistently develop and produce top-level soccer atheletes who are fully prepared for success at whatever level of play they aspire to reach (club, high-school, collegiate)
  3. Training and Support - To provide the best training and support available for our players, coaches, and parents.

Guiding Principles

The Evolution FC Travel Soccer Program is geared to be a positive and instructional athletic experience for all participants.  In this program, learning to play well and fairly is the essence of the game.  Everyone should remember their attitude is contagious.  The other team is our opponent, not our enemy, and thus, should be treated with respect.

All participants in the program should adhere to the following at all times:

  1. Coaches should not be openly or directly criticized before, during or after games.  Bear in mind that the coaches are volunteers.  Any questions or comments regarding coaches shall be addressed to the program coordinator.
  2. Only positive sideline support will be tolerated.  Cheering at all games should be within the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, regardless of the outcome of the match.
  3. Best efforts will be made to teach the players to become students of the game.
  4. At each and every match, players should display good sportsmanship by shaking hands with their opponents and coaches as well as the officials, without regard to the results of the match.
  5. Coaches and players should strive to be on time and prepared for every practice and match.  Players who are unable to attend practices or games must give prior notices to their coach or team manager.
  6. Improper behavior at a match, practice, or other Evolution FC sponsored activity may result in the participant being asked to leave the field or the event.  Continued improper behavior may be grounds for dismissal from the program.
  7. The coaching should be left to the coach(es) during the match.  Parents must refrain from giving their children instructions during the match.




Evolution FC Teams and Staff

Evolution FC G-Boyz - 2005 Boys

Coach:  Bill Ward Assistant Coach:  Sean Kelley Manager:  Vacant 

Champions - 2015 AISL Indoor League

Finalists - 2015 CMSA Old Line State Tournament

Finalists - 2015 Overlea Cup Tournament

Champions - 2016 Freestate Club League

Champions - 2016 CMSA Spring League

Finalists - 2016 RSC Columbus Day Tournament

Champions - 2016 Fallston Cup

Evolution FC Fury - 2010 Boys

 Coach:  Mike Knoedler . Assistant Coach: Justin Neiman

 Team Manager:  Kristie Knoedler

Finalists - 2019 Columbus Day Tournament

Champions - 2019 CMSA Fall League

Champions - 2019 MSA Indoor Session 

Evolution FC Venom - 2011 Boys

Coach: Will Bevans Assistant Coach:David Wach


Evolution FC Rage - 2006 Girls



Coach:  Scott Corbin Assistant Coach:  Erik Ercole

Manager:  Lacie Kraft

Finalists - 2017/18 MSA Indoor Session 2

Finalists - 2018 Ocean City Sand Duels

Finalists - 2018 CMSA Columbus Day Tournament

Evolution FC Force - 2006 Girls

Coach:  Julie Locco Assistant Coach:  Nicole Chiarizio Manager:  Jennifer Borchers

Champions - 2017/18 Freestate Sports Arena Indoor Session 1

Finalists - 2017/18 MSA Indoor Session 2

Finalists - 2018/19 MSA Indoor Session 1

Finalists - 2017/19 Indoor Session 2

Champions 2019 Old Line State Tournament

Champions - 2019 Columbus Day Tournament

Champions - 2019 Fallston Cup

Evolution FC Elite - 2008 Girls

Coach: Chris Quigley Assistant Coach:  Vacant  Manager:  Jackie Quigley

Finalists - 2018 CMSA Columbus Day Tournament

Finalists - 2018/19 MSA Indoor Session 2

Champions - 2019 CMSA Spring League

Finalists - 2019 Overlea Cup

Finalists - 2019 Columbus Day Tournament

Champions - 2019 Hempfield Fall Classic

Champions - 2019 CMSA Turkey Shootout

Finalist - 2019/20 MSA Indoor Session 1

Finalists 2020 HFC Kick-Off Classic

Champions - 2020 Battle at the Hilltop

Champions - 2020 EDP Fall League

Champions - 2021 MSA Session 1 Indoor

Evolution FC Forza - 2009 Girls

Coach:  Rachel Miller Assistant Coach:  Justin Pecora


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